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Wednesday, October 3, 2012

31 Days of Halloween - Day 3

I found out that the follow me option was not on the blog so even if you wanted to follow along with me it would not be very easy to do so. But I am happy to report the function is now up and you can find it here on the left side of the page! Be sure to enter your email address and follow along. I am going to be posting some of my fun Halloween and Fall decoration ideas soon and you do not want to miss it!

So you may be wondering how we went from day one to day three... remember that we spent 2 days working on the spiders since we got a late start. So I didn't post a day 2. So here we are on day 3... Hand Print Bats!

The idea came from here, but here is my take.

This one will cost me a grand total of $0.00 to make 4 bats, I know, cheap right (my 2 nieces were here tonight so they played along)! However, if you need to purchase everything to make this it will cost $5.00 and you can either make LOTS of bats, or have lots of stuff left over for another project!

You will need:

Black Construction Paper - (Dollar Store - I already had it)
White Crayon or pencil - (You can get these at the Dollar Store also, they are not the best there, but for this project it doesn't matter - I already had it)
Goggly Eyes - (Dollar Store - I already had it, and you should too if you make the spider on day one!)
Brads - (I already had them, but they were not black so I painted the tops. Honestly I don't know if you can get these at the Dollar Store, or how much they are if you cannot.)
Glitter and glue or just glitter glue- (Dollar Store - I already had it)

I did most of the set up (cutting, painting- you will see, and organizing) before I brought the kids in... They tend to have a short attention span, and even shorter when they are all together, so I figured they would be board while I cut everything out. If you have older kids they can do their own cutting, but being that my kiddos are only 2 and 3, I figured I would do it. 


1. Trace each of the kids hands (both hands).

2. Cut out the hands, a circle (for the head, about one and a half inch circle is good enough - I used the bottom of a cup for a pattern), 2 smaller triangles (for the ears), and a bat body.

3. Glue the head on the top of the body, and the ears to the top of the head. Glue the 2 goggly eyes on, where they should be.

4. Take the brads and punch them through the sides of the body and the base of one of the hands and fasten them on the back. (I only had colored scrapbook brads, so I took a bit of black paint and painted just the top of the brad... money saving tip!)

5. Draw a line of glue to make the mouth and pour glitter on it. If you are using glitter glue, simply draw a face on. 

6. I like to write the kids name, year (2012), and age on the back and then keep it. So when they are big I can reminisce.

See, easy, fun and memorable!

What are some fun things you still have from when you were little?

Come back tomorrow, because we are making Foot Ghost, fridge magnet clips. Thats a mouth load, but it is fun AND practical!

You can do it, if AshHas!

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