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Tuesday, October 2, 2012

31 Days of Halloween

Hello Blog World!!! I have been wanting to start a blog to keep track of all of the fun projects I have been doing, and I just have not gotten around to doing it. I guess that is what happens in this crazy thing we call "Life".

However, now that it is officially October I am starting an advent calendar type thing. Each day until Halloween I will be doing something fun with the kiddos, Halloween related (incase you were not sure, hehe), sounds fun right! So I decided that this is the perfect time to start the blog and let anyone who wants to, follow along!

I need to add, I totally STOLE this idea from my favorite sister, she doesn't even know I am doing this!!! Love you sis!!

Side note: Dont mind the not so cute/ creative blog layout/ design, it is 12:30 in the morning and I don't really feel like tinkering with it. I promise, if you follow along, you will see improvements... hopefully!!

Anyway, on to the reason for this post!!! I am going to post the first weeks worth of projects now, Pictures/links of where I got the idea, and instructions for how I am going to do the project. Then once the project is complete, I will post my pictures of what we did, and any updates to the instructions.

READY..... SET..... GO!!!!!!!

Day one - October 1st - Styrofoam Spider - Totally my idea! I am sure someone somewhere has already thought this up and probably has a better way of doing it, but I don't care. I didn't see it and I came up with this idea all by myself! That makes me happy because I can copy someones idea so easy, but coming up with my own idea does not usually happen! This is how I know I am an up and coming DIYer.

If you have to buy everything to make this spider, it costs about $4.50 to make 2 spiders, and you will have supplies left over for another project. I paid $1.87 to make 2!!

You will need:

Styrofoam Balls, one large one small (Dollar Store - They have a package that has a few different sizes, enough to make two spiders, perfect for thing one* and thing two**!)
Black Paint (I have found Wal-Mart to be the cheapest for paint, they have $0.54 acrylic paint, but I already had some)
Black Pipe Cleaner (Bought these at Hobby Lobby for $0.87 for a package, but you can get them anywhere for less then a dollar)
Googly Eyes (I already had - But you can get them at the Dollar Store)
Toothpick (I already had)

1. Paint the Styrofoam balls black and let them dry. You need one small styrofoam ball for the head of the spider and a large one for the body. 

2. Once dry, connect the head and the body using the toothpick.

3. Glue the googly eyes on the head.

4. Poke 3 pipe cleaners on to each side of the body to make legs. You may need to bend and/or cut the pipe cleaners to make the spider stand on its own, and look proportionate. 

Day two - October 2nd - Finish Styrofoam Spider -  We didn't start this project until it was almost bedtime, so we only had time to paint the styrofoam balls, so we will finish them on day 2!

Day three - October 3rd - Make Hand Print Bats - Found this idea here

This one will cost me a grand total of $0.00 to make 4 bats! I know, cheap right! However, if you need to purchase everything to make this it will cost $5.00 and you can either make LOTS of bats, or have lots of stuff left over for another project!

You will need:
Black Construction Paper - (Dollar Store - I already had it)
White Crayon or pencil - (You can get these at the Dollar Store also, they are not the best there, but for this project it doesn't matter - I already had it)
Goggly Eyes - (Dollar Store - I already had it, and you should too if you make the spider on day one!)
Brads - (I already had them, but they were not black so I painted the tops. Honestly I don't know if you can get these at the Dollar Store, or how much they are if you cannot.)
Glitter - (Dollar Store - I already had it)

Click here for directions.

Day Four - October 4th - Foot Ghost Fridge Magnet Clips - I saw a picture of it here, but the link did not take you anywhere so I made it up.

This one did not cost me anything either because I already had everything, but if you bought everything it will run you just about $5.50 to make a bunch of ghosts, with lots of left over supplies!!

You will need:
White, orange, and brown felt - (Hobby Lobby $0.25 a peice - I already had some)
Googly Eyes - (Dollar Store - Again I had some)
Permanent Marker (you can get one of these anywhere. usually around $1 for a single pen)
Clothes pin (Dollar Store - you can get a package at the Dollar Store)
Hot Glue Gun - or Elmers Glue
Magnet - (Dollar Store - Already had some)

1. Trace the child’s foot onto the felt, and cut it out. Only trace the tips of the toes, do not draw lines defining the individual toe (this will be the body of the ghost).

2. Glue on 2 googly eyes at the heal of the foot, and draw on a small mouth just below the eyes.

3. Cut out a pumpkin and stem out of the felt and glue them together, you can write anything creative on pumpkin, like "BOO" or "Thing 1 - 2012" or "Happy Halloween - Thing 2". Okay, so those are not creative, but you get the idea.

4. Glue the pumpkin to the front ghosts, below the face, kinda in the stomach region, like the ghost is holding the cute pumpkin.

5. Glue the magnet to the back of the clothespin and then the Clothespin to the back of the ghost. 

And there you have, it a sweet memory of your little ones foot, in 2012, in a cute, creative way!

Day Five - October 5th - Make White Chocolate Popcorn - Found the recipe here.

I have not bought the stuff for it yet, so I don't know how much it will cost... stay tuned!

Day Six - October 6th - Rowley's Red Barn - This is in Santaquin, Utah. Never been there before, but it looks fun!! Check out their website here.

So that is it for this week, stay tuned for updates as well as what we have planned for next week!!

Dont forget to follow me!!!

You can do it, if AshHas!

*Thing one - My sweet little girl KayLee, she is 3!
**Thing two - My OTHER sweet little girl Kacie, she is 2!

I call them Thing One and Thing Two, because much like the Thing one and Thing Two in Dr. Seuss' Cat in the Hat, they are a tornado, but so cute at the same time! I hope this does not offend anyone that I call my children "Things", but it is not meant in any harsh or degrading way. Just a term of endearment that works for me and my family!

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  1. Fun!! And I just mentioned the idea so I don't know if that is considered stealing lol. It's not like I actually do it. Although now I want to!