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Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Repurposed Toddler and Crib Bedding

Now, let me put a warning out there. If you are going to attempt anything like this, get a quilting frame! What a joke without one!

Having said that, I like how this turned out, but it would have looked much better if I had a quilting frame, and choose different fabric for the back. I found some perfect shade of pink, super soft fabric in the $1 section at Wal-Mart, so I bought it, BUT it was stretchy, which was not a good thing. Do not use stretch fabric on a quilt. I am sure you already knew that, I did, but that was what I had so I used it anyway.  Oh well!

My girls have one queen bed that the two of them share. Previously #1 had a toddler bed, and #2 had a crib. My plan was to get them in a "big bed" and maybe they would sleep in their own need. I didn't really want to change their room decor over this, I mean, I still liked the bedding they had. So I decided to make one queen quilt out of the 2 sets.

No pictures for a tutorial. This one I really wish I had pictures of, but I oh well. My hubby said I should take pics, but I didn't listen.

I took apart the old bedding... They were kind of quilts, so there were several parts to each comforter.
I got my queen size comforter and laid it out flat on the ground. Using all the small peices of the old quilts I pieced the top layer together, on top of my comforter in order to make it the right size.

Starting in the middle of the quilt,  I started sewing; pin, sew, lay back out, repeat... One. Piece. At. A. Time. It kind of took forever, but then again, I am not a professional.

Once the top was done, I sewed the back fabric together in order to make it large enough to cover the back.

This is where the quilting frame would come in handy. Putting the rest of the quilt together would have been really easy if I had one.

Instead, I struggled wondering how in the heck to get the top, batting, and back together so it looks good and stays... I got it, but it was all skeewompous. Eh, it was my first quilt, what do you expect!?

To finish it off, I tied yarn knots in order it to keep it all together and I was done.

It was a larger project then I expected going in, but it was a great learning experience. I want to make another, to use what I learned.

I really like how it looks on the bed, you can't really see all the infections. Then again, isn't that what gives a homemade project love, the imperfections?

What projects did you get started on and then realize it was a bigger project then you anticipated? What other uses have you found out of old bedding?

You can do it, if AshHas!

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