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Wednesday, March 27, 2013

The CHEAPEST Bathroom Redo Ever!!!

I am SO beyond excited about my "new" bathroom! I have been itching to redo it for so long now, bug I just keep putting it off because I really want a new countertop, and kinda wanted to do it all at once.

(I really wish I knew where my camera memory card thing is... I have had to take the pics on my phone, so they are not so great! My bathroom really is gorgeous now, but the pics don't do justice!)

Well, I was sitting at home the other day and decided I would just go for it! I had NO idea what I wanted to do. Well I had a little idea, but not enough for me to start a project. I am a HUGE planner, maybe it is more I am just scared to do something permanent.  I have to draw it out, think about it for a few weeks, draw it again, prepare all the stuff... then MAYBE I would get started.  I am very timid when it comes to making big changes. I am afraid it will look bad and then I have to start over... And I HATE painting!

So....... I had a bunch of paint left over from past painting projects, enough to paint the bathroom. I wanted something different then all the walls one color, or a solid accent wall. I also have always wanted to try stripes, so that is what I did. I'll write a post about stripes later.

This project cost me less then $30! Not even kidding! I had the paint, tape, the baseboard, a couple rollers, paint pans, and all the decorations. I did need to buy another paint roller, and pan(which now I have a couple left over for another project), and I also bought a new shower curtain rod and shower liner.

Started by ripping the linoleum off the walls. Instead of baseboard there was linoleum on the walls. I like the look of baseboard better. I then filled the holes and waited for the spackel to dry... I HATE WAITING! Finally, once the spackel turned white I sanded it.

I primed the walls 2 times. I did not have a lot of paint to do several coats, and I had primer, so I primed them. Again, waited for that to dry. Finally I was ready to paint. Threw up a coat of paint... and oh ya, waited again!

I cut and applied the baseboard, cleaned up, decorated, and I now have a beautiful new bathroom! I seriously love it!

Projects I still want to do in here...

* new sink

* new faucet

* possibly refinish the cabinets black
* put a frame around the mirror
* new countertop
(ya, kinda like this!)
 * eventually new flooring

However in the meantime, this will do! I love it. What do you think?


  1. Looks awesome!!!! It also looks like you have almost the same shower curtain as my downstairs bathroom. (I know you like copying me so it's ok, LOL)

    Good Job!!

  2. Ash, nice work! I especially love the warm color of the walls with the dark accents. It is always so nice to have a fresh new look to a room. I love it!!

  3. I have had that shower curtain I think since I moved out, so I am pretty sure you copied me when you bought yours! lol ;-) Thank you girls!