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Friday, January 4, 2013


Can you believe it is already Friday! I can't! The weeks seem to fly by lately! It is crazy!!

Anyway, the next thing I want to show you will be 2 parts, first is a candle holder, then the rosette ball!

I have always wanted a fancy candle holder, but look at these prices!!!

HobbyLobby - $20
Ikea - $15
Amazon - $12

While they are all beautiful, I could not bring myself to paying those prices for one... So what is a girl to do?! Check out The Deseret and make one yourself, of course! I can always count on The Deseret! So I found a couple of glasses and tea cup saucers put them together and made myself some! 

What you need:
One glass and one saucer - You can get these from the thrift store for $0.25-$1.00. My Saucers were $0.25 each and the Glasses $0.50-$0.75!
Spray paint

How to:
1. Line the lip of the glass with hot glue.

 2. Place the saucer on the glass to connect the two.

 3. Spray paint the candle holder and TADA! Put your candle or rosette ball on top and you have a gorgeous decoration for $1.00!

Again, an easy, SUPER CHEAP but elegant project. Tomorrow I am going to show you how to make the rosette ball. They are pretty easy, but pretty time consuming! 

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You can do it if AshHas!!!!


  1. Okay so i totally did this today and it turned out super cute. I didn't know how it was gonna look with the paint but it was amazing. Thanks so much for the idea. Do you have any cute idea's to make colored candles? Is the rose ball a candle?

  2. I am so glad you tried it and that it turned out cute!! I would love to see pics!! I actually don't have any ideas for colored candles right now, but I think I will come up with something... that is a good idea! No, the rose ball is just decoration. I'll post a tutorial on Monday about that! Come back Monday to find out how to do it!!