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Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Valentines Day Shelf

I know, I know... I sorta disappeared.... okay, fell of the planet. Not that anyone wondered where I was last time I checked I had a whole ZERO followers. But either way, I am going to try this out again.

Some of you know that Mr. Jacob (**my hubby, but only his mom and I are allowed to call him Jacob. You can call him Jake!), works out of town so he is gone a lot. It has been really hard the last couple months having him gone (it has been hard the whole time, but the last couple months have been exceptionally hard), raising 2 little girls, and trying to keep the house together and failing miserably at it. Crafting is my therapy! I love the pleasure you get when you can create something beautiful out of nothing. It makes me happy to craft, even when I am having a hard day, or being sad for myself, crafting takes my mind off of it and makes me happy. So I am going to try to keep up with this blog and hopefully you all will help me along the way. You cheer me on, I'll cheer you on! Deal?!

So I have this shelf that I decorate for each holiday. I realize it is only January 2nd, but I am so excited to get my Valentine's shelf up. I have already made some things for it, I am still working on some and have one planned, just not started yet. I am going to show you each thing, and tell you how to do it.

It only cost me a little over $40 to buy everything for it, and I think it is coming together rather nicely. Let me know your thoughts.

Today I want to show you my so far FAVORITE piece. my L-O-V-E letters! I totally did not take pics along the way, but it is soo easy. Look how cute!!!

You will need:
L-O-V-E Paper Mache Letters - $2.49 each
4 Different Decorative Pages - $1.00 each
Elmer's Glue
Hot Glue Gun and Glue Sticks

I got the paper mache letters from Hobby Lobby, for $2.49 a piece. This was actually expensive for them. The paper mache letters go on sale all the time, but I did not want to wait to make this, so I splurged and bought them full price.

The paper was on sale for 50% off, so normal price was $1.99. So I got lucky here.

1. Paint the sides and back of each letter. My paper was silver and pink so I painted the letters the corresponding color.

2. After it dries it is time to cut the paper out. Place the letter face down on top of the back side of the paper and trace it as closely as possible.

3. Cut the letters out.

4. Put Elmer's glue on either the back side of the paper or the top of the letter and spread it out with your finger so it is completely covered.

5. Put the 2 together and press down firmly to ensure there are no bubbles, etc.

6. Repeat for the other 3 letters.

7. Once all the letters are complete hot glue the letters together where they connect to the other, and your done!!

See I told you this was cake!

Stay tuned for some more of my V-Day Crafts on a budget!

You can do it, if AshHas!!

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  1. This is so cute!! :) I m so glad to learn you have a blog. You have some great ideas and I am in desperate need of some decorations!

  2. Thank you Kjersti! I hope you are able to get some cute ideas. My decorations are going to be inexpensive ones... gotta maintain a budget!