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Monday, January 7, 2013

How to make Rosettes

Happy Monday everyone! What a weekend that was! I am so glad it's over! It was one of those weekends that I just want to cuddle up in my pjs with my girls and watch Brave over and over just so I don't have to face the world. But now it is Monday and time to push on!

So, with that, I promised part 2 of Fridays post, on Saturday, but I had to take the weekend off. So here we are I will now give you part 2!

Adorable Rosette Ball

What you need:

Styrofoam ball - $3-$5 depending on what size you get
Crate paper - you will need 1-2 rolls depending on what size you will make. I found out the party supply store has a lot more colors and is about $0.25 cheaper per roll then Wal-Mart.
Hot glue gun and glue

Note: this is a rather time consuming project. While it turns out adorable it takes time. This is one of those projects that you put the kids to bed early turn on Bachelor and make tons and tons of Rosettes. I will put a few tips on the end to help you along the way.

1. Make a rosette. Start by ripping off a piece of crate paper. The longer the piece, the larger the rosette the shorter the piece, the smaller the rosette.

2. Fold the top of the crate paper down.

3. Begin rolling the paper. Roll a few times so you have a sturdy base.

4. Once you have a base set, start twisting the paper around the base. Literally twist the paper and then wrap it around the base. Spiral out until you have used all the paper, or the rose is the size you want.

5. Put a dab of glue on the back and press the end down.

6. Now your rosette is done.  Fold the base down on the back and glue it on the styrofoam ball and start over. 

7. Keep making rosettes and gluing on until the entire styrofoam ball is covered.

Tips -

Make different sized rosettes to add character to the ball.

The larger the rosette the more difficult it gets to handle so it stays together but still looks good. See the photos for tips on how I held the rosette so it didn't fall apart.

The base on the smaller rosettes will be too large to fold down. Rip or cut them off and save them.

Putting the roses together is kind of like a puzzle making sure all the holes are covered. However sometimes you cannot get it to fit perfectly. This is when you will use the small rolled up bases you cut off of the small roses. Squeeze the glue down the little holes and secure a tiny "rosette" inside. This will fill the whole, but still look like it is meant to be there.

And there you have it! I know it takes a long time to cover the entire ball (try making 2), but it is a good thing to do while you are laying in bed, playing games, or just watching Bachelor (my guilty pleasure. Season premier tonight!!!)

Please let me know if you have any questions. It really isn't too difficult, you will think it looks bad at first, but use them anyway. When paired up with hundreds of others, you won't even notice the couple that look silly!

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You can do it if AshHas

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