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Friday, January 11, 2013

How to Make a Pillow, Easy as Pie!!

To start I have to tell you about the SCREAMING deal that I got today!

So before Christmas my sister needed to go to the Disney store to get some gifts for her kids. So me, my girls and our mom went with her. Nothing like making a family outing out of it! So we get there and you would have thought KayLee had just walked right into heaven! I have never seen her get so excited about anything, as she was that day! Thankfully, my mom was there and she just followed her around as she walked from one side of the store to the other, back to this side, then over there.  She LOVED it. Anyway, while there she found this adorable Cinderella dress that looked like it could be a little girls wedding dress, she made my mom put it on her (cuz grandma would do things mom would never agree to) and she walked around the whole store with it on. I totally would have bought it for her for Christmas but the freaking dress was $80!!!!! Are you kidding me!? Who would spend that much on a play dress, for a kid!? NOT ME!!! So I pried it off of her body and we left, she was so sad! Her life practically ended that day!

Since then she asks if we can go to the Disney store so she can see her dress, almost everyday! I keep telling her she has to ask Daddy and make him take her. So finally today we went! I should have got pictures of it, but I didn't think about it! This time we went with Jakes mom and dad, and as soon as we walked in she grabbed Grandma Nets hand and pulled her right to the dress, picked it up with the biggest smile on her face and said "Look at my dress, its for my wedding!" (side note, she is getting married tomorrow, and she has a house that she is moving to that is far away, she has quite the imagination)! Guess where it was in the store!? On the Clearance Rack!!! It was marked down, I think 50% off! I was not going to buy it for her, but for $40, how could you not! So she put it on, of course, this time Grandma Net was the partner in crime! ;-) Then as we were walking around a lady that works there said "All clearance is an additional 25% off today only."!!! WHAT!!?? So we totally got the $80 dress for $30! And we had to buy Kacie one too so she got the regular Cinderella dress that is normally $45, for $17! Sweet right!! I am so excited about it!
(So they are a little large, especially on Kacie, but they were the only sizes they had, and I can temporarily modify them so they fit better now, and then take the modification out so they fit them later also! Plus for that price you would want them to last a while!)

So on to today's post... this is going to be another fairly simple project. It cost me a total of $0.00 to make! I am all about the deals today! Whoot! I already had everything for it, so it was free for me. Normally if you had to buy everything for it, it could cost about $10, or less.

So it is a Valentine's day (or you can make it for every day) pillow! Mine tuned out a lot smaller then I wanted, but oh well!

What you need:

Felt - either the sheets (25 cents at Hobby Lobby, or for larger pillows use the by the yard)
Pillow form, batting - I bought a pillow from The Deseret, for $3, some are cheaper then that. And I only used a little of the batting out of it.
Sewing Machine
Glue gun


1. So first cut the front and back of the pillow out of the felt. Make sure they are the same size, and cut them out to be as big or little as you want.  Remember, your pillow will be about 1 in smaller then you cut them out to be, so if you want an 11x11 pillow cut it 12x12 to allow for a 1/2 in seam allowance around the whole pillow.

I only had one piece of red felt, so I used one piece of white, and one of red. You will not really be able to see the white, so it can really be any color you want.

2. Now you will cut a whole bunch of strips out of the felt. I already had a bunch from a project I was going to do a while ago, but didn't end up doing. They are about 1in wide. You can make them as big or small as you want. Make sure they are long enough to cover the pillow from one side to another and allow for some slack on both ends. My strips were about 2 inches longer on each side then the pillow was going to be. This allows for you to not have to be perfect. Makes it much easier.

3. Now you will sew the strips on to the white piece. Starting at one end of the white sew the red strip on along the end of the white felt. Sew in one straight line across the entire length of the white piece of felt.

4. Repeat, but this time place the next strip so the bottom of the strip covers the last "seam" (I cannot think of the word I am looking for here). Sew the top of the strip across. Repeat until the entire piece of white is covered. When you get to the last strip leave it off, we will sew it on later.

5. Now cut off all the extra of the strips so that it lines up perfectly with the white.

6. Now we will actually make the pillow form. Place the right sides of the white and red pieces together and pin it. Stick the last strip in so that it hangs off 3 sides of the pillow.

7. We are only going to sew 3 sides now, so make sure the side that you left the last strip off of is one that you will sew now.  Sew the 3 sides that you pinned, and then cut the extra felt off the last strip.

8. Turn  your pillow right side out and stuff it with cotton.

 9. Sew up the last side and you should have a pillow!

10. Now you are free to embellish as you wish! Come back tomorrow to learn how to make this new kind of rosette! Fabric rosette!

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If you have any questions about this please let me know!

You all rock!!

You can do it if AshHas!


1 comment:

  1. Nice Ash!!! I just finished a pillow of my own...different from yours, I'll have to put the picture on Pintrest when I'm done with Nursing.
    Tip for you:
    Next time sew all four sides (skipping a 4 inch space in the center of one side) of your pillow with the two right sides together instead of just the three sides. Then stuff as you did before. Then you can hand stich the 4 inch section closed so it all looks uniform...or machine stich the last 4 inches.
    My mom taught me that :) thought I'd pass it along.